Summer lunch: Tumbled Halloumi Salad


Halloumi, when grilled until it’s slighty browned, is the perfect summer cheese- it’s the smell of hot Mediterranean summers, oil popping in the pan … plus it’s lighter and less rich than goat’s cheese or feta.

This isn’t a recipe as such as it is so simple and best made with whatever salad components are hanging about in your fridge; more a suggestion that a big bowl of salad, tumbled together with oily, salty halloumi slices and topped with a zingy, fresh green dressing- is a great summer lunch sitting in the sun.

The salsa I made is a confusion of salsa verde and olive tapenade- with the piquant capers and fresh herbs balancing out the cheese, and sweet sun-dried tomatoes taking out the sharpness.

If, like us at home, salad leaves are the only thing our veg patch will produce (much like potatoes in the winter- which multiply like rabbits whilst we try and coax anything else into existence)- then this is the perfect salad to throw together an assortment of leaves.

the salad patch

the salad patch


  • Salad leaves- rocket, cos etc.
  • Courgette, thinly shaved
  • Red peppers
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Spring onions
  • Olive oil
  • Halloumi– sliced, coated lightly in oil and pan-fried for a minute either side until golden
  • Salsa verde-tapenade: a handful of black olives, 4 capers, 2 sundried tomatoes, ½ lemon juice, a handful of parsley and coriander, ½ red chilli. Blitzed with olive oil.

Simply pile all your salad ingredients into a bowl, toss lightly with olive oil and a dash of balsamic. blitz all the tapenade ingredients together, adding the green herbs at the last minute. Loosen with a little olive oil and season with pepper.

Heat the pan until hot, then quickly fry the halloumi. Top the salad with the cheese, and pile the salsa on top. Only fry the halloumi at the last minute, as once it cools it can go quite rubbery.IMG_1681




About Titch Wardall

Food Me Senseless was born in Gibraltar, bred in Wiltshire. I spend my holidays travelling and working as a cook on-board boats, making me lucky enough to be able to explore the Mediterranean's many culinary treats and try out the three words I know in Italian. Loves garlic, Marmite and spice. Will never, ever agree to eating a Donna Kebab, no matter how inebriated.
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