Food Markets

La Rochelle Fish Market, France

La Rochelle Market

La Rochelle Market

Where? La Rochelle, South-West of France, Rue Marche.

The picturesque coastal town of La Rochelle, in the South- West of France. I recently spent a weekend there with a lovely Frenchman and an Italian, and spent a Saturday morning in the bustling market.

Located on Rue Marche, the fish market is held in a old stone market building, which is brimming with stalls of the freshest, most tempting shell-fish and fish you could wish for- piles of oysters, scallops, inky squid and pink prawns.

Piles of Prawns

Piles of Prawns

Scallops in their Shells

Scallops in their Shells

Inky Black Squid

Inky Black Squid

The market isn’t just fish though, and many luscious fruit, vegetable, meat and patisserie stalls over-brim into the main square and down the many alleyways coming off the market square.

Chicory on their Roots

The building itself is worth a visit, with a beautiful 17th century façade.

What to look out for? chargrilled beetroot- burnt black and unappealing, the piles of shrivelled oblongs hides the rich, earthy and ready-to-eat beetroot.

Shrivelled Beet

Oysters, obviously.

What I bought: Practically everything- oysters, huge prawns, clams, scallops, squid, and mackerel.

Recipes: Click here for recipes using the fish I bought at the market: Gratinee Oysters, Simple Garlicky Grilled Shellfish and Spaghetti Vongole- Spaghetti with Clams.

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  1. mjskit says:

    Very envious of such markets!

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